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How to present your brand's clothing that sell

Updated: Apr 18

Fashion photographers have a very significant role to play in presenting outfits. It's not so much about the models as it is about the clothes. Fashion photographer will know how to work with a model to show the clothing's best attributes.

It's about the poses, the layout of the clothing and the right capture of the moment that shows your clothing in the best way possible. It's about the dance between the model and the photographer who knows how to direct the model to extract the best poses which allow the piece of fabric to look fabulous.

See the different ways this fashion photographer, Kerron presented different outfits on the same model.

A woman in brown short jumpsuit with white sandals and white clutch

 A woman with black wide leg trouser and transparent top

A woman with cream mini dress and white sandals

A woman with black mini tight dress

A woman in yellow jumpsuit

A woman in stripped wide leg trousers and transparent black top

A woman in black mini dress and stripped long shirt

A woman in silver mini dress

A woman in black mini dress and silver transparent long shirt

A woman in long floral dress

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