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7 things commercial photographer needs to know...

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Product photoshoot in Amsterdam

If are you selling brand products you need a good commercial photographer.

Surely, your brand has a personality, vibe and feeling. Your marketing materials should reflect this brand identity through visual communication. Your commercial photographer can help you create images that speak to your audience.

Commercial photographer is skilled in creating images that have this commercial look used in marketing communication. These trends change with time and need to adapt to cultures and your target audience. Your photographer should be aware of this and know how to implement this knowledge into to the images. This includes the colours, the type of editing used, which means his post-production skills are of high-level to deliver final product.

Here are a few tips on what information your commercial photographer will need before the photo shoot:

1. Specify the type of images.

Do you want to showcase the product itself to highlight its technical features, the look and details? Or do you want to show your product in use? For this you will need models who will use your product.

Sometimes you will need both type of images for your marketing materials and most of the time you could do both with the same photographer.

2. Know your target audience

Of course, this is kind of obvious when you are a brand. The main point here to communicate this with your photographer as well so he can have a clear idea on who the images should speak to.

3. Prepare the concept and a mood board for the photoshoot

At least have an example of the images that you find online, it will show the photographer what kind of pictures you are after.

4. Realize it might require production team

Keep in mind that in order to deliver high-quality commercial images there is a whole team of people needed including make -up artists, stylists, production manager and light assistant if needed.

5. Find a suitable location

The choice of location in the photos plays an important role in communicating to the right people. Keep in mind that the photographers are always willing to suggest some locations that suit the concept but it is not a part of their job. The photographer's responsibility is to do a location check once you select it to ensure that he takes all the necessary equipment that location requires.

6. Decide how many final images you will need

It's crucial for you and the photographer to know the final amount of images you will need and receive. This, of course, is needed for the photographer to give you the right price quote.

7. Calculate the time for post-production.

Photographers spend a lot of time on post-production to deliver commercial quality, always calculate this time in your planning so the photographer has appropriate amount of time to finish the product without rushing and stressing.

In this shoot our top commercial photographer - Aron, worked with a scooter brand -Dott Scooters. The client required different images, product itself and product in use. The images where done in Belgium and Amsterdam.

Commercial photoshoot in Amsterdam

Commercial photographer in Amsterdam

Advertising photographer in Amsterdam

Product photo shoot

Product photographer in Amsterdam

Product photoshoot for scooters

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